Saturday, September 1, 2012

Perfect Tortilla Taco Bowl Maker — Shape, Bake & Create Cripsy, Delicious Tortilla Bowls is back with another great as seen on tv item to add to your kitchen  supplies.
Make a crispy restaurant tortilla bowl in the comfort of your home. The pan has a unique dishwasher safe design that can be used for several different recipes. With the As Seen on TV Perfect Tortilla you can make a healthy taco/tortilla bowl in just 5 minutes.This unique taco bowl allows you to create your own tostadas, taco salads and other mexican food creations. It is perfect for those who are ready to get creative in the kitchen, as well as for those who are health conscious.
Easy To Use – You can create the most wonderful tortilla bowls in just three simple steps; Shape, Bake and Create!  This As Seen on TV Perfect Tortilla will never let you down in the kitchen.

More information:
  • Four Perfect Tortilla Bowls – Enough for the whole family to enjoy!
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Fun & Easy to use

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Lint Lizard - Remove dryer lint from hard to reach places is back with another great item to add to your household supplies!

Lint Lizard attaches to any vacuum hose and cleans deep into any dryer. Clear out all the lint that gets past your lint screen and unclog your dryer
to make it work less and run more efficiently.

With the Lint Lizard™, you can reach right into your dryer and clear the dryer clogging lint at its source! Just attach the Lint Lizard™ to the end of your vacuum, and its built-in fan nozzle reaches easily into your lint catcher and even your dryer vent outside. Keeping your dryer free of lint maximizes energy efficiency, saving you money… and nothing works like the Lint Lizard.

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